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What is a Hero?

A flat tire… on the lead vehicle could not have come at a more inopportune time.  Pinned down, in the middle of a planned trap, intense enemy fire, rained on James and his buddies.  Caught in the “staged firefight trap”, James and his unit struggled to free themselves. With the lead vehicle disabled by a […]

My Goals For Writing Combat Survivor Hero Stories

When I set out… to bring each combat veteran story to the published page, I did so with these humble goals:  —Describe the realistic combat veteran experience with realism, compassion, and care. —Never overdramatize combat. Write realistically. — Bring healing to the veteran and their families, as they see their (or their loved ones) experience […]

Why Do People Volunteer?

When the US… moved from the draft to an all-volunteer force, there was some fear and reservation. Wise advisors stated we will be able to fill all our needs through volunteers. Time has proven them absolutely correct. There was no need to fret. Despite any misgivings, the military services are all filling their ranks with […]

Silence is Not Always Golden

When I listened… to combat heroes tell their stories for “When Heaven Visits,” one thing became readily apparent… many heroes are still hurting, some in silence, others by the situation. Knowing they were sharing with a fellow veteran seemed to build trust and allowed them the freedom to open up. Several heroes gave me their […]

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