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The Contractor

He walked over… to our table, late on Lakefest Day, handed me a $20 and said, “keep the change. Been meaning to come by, just haven’t had the time till now. How long have you been writing these combat survivor stories? “ “About three years. I’ve written around 70 stories, published the book you are […]


Sponsored by merchants… in Clarksville, VA, LAKEFEST is a “happening”! Thirty-five to forty thousand people walked by the tents and tables of 150 venders, crafters, food merchants, and one old veteran author, lined up along the one main street of Clarksville. I feel blessed, the Clarksville Chamber of Commerce “adopted me” in 2019 and now […]

Recognition from ‘Outta the Blue

I do not Seek… any recognition for what I am doing these days. In fact, I seek the opposite.  You see, the combat heroes I write about—they are the real ones needing the recognition. They are the ones who sacrificed, bled, suffered debilitating injuries, and came home with inexplicable wounds of combat. They are the […]

From Disappointment, Wonderful News

Lots of book news… and a few “bumps” to share. We finished book two and sent it to the publisher in early July. The work involved 1500 hours by yours truly, an additional 1500 hours or more from my dear wife Laura, and countless more from veterans who shared their stories. Writing books takes lots […]

Healing Veterans With PTSD Through Equestrian Therapy

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