here is the view…

from my “author writing area” on Christmas morning, 2020.  It is pretty rare to see snow this heavy here, even in the mountains, hence the picture. 

When snow isn’t falling in buckets full, we have a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains which run through this area of Western Virginia. 

I never get tired of the view, particularly when leaves are forming in the spring or falling in buckets of beautiful fall colors.  Rare snow on Christmas is a  treat, hence the photograph. 

These beautiful views motivate my brain to write the stories of combat survivor heroes, standing at 70 plus and counting.  We have enough stories to publish three books while gathering more for book 4. 

And, the stories keep coming. Who knows where we will finally hang it up, but writing these stories of combat heroes is a labor of love. God willing, we will continue doing so.  


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Above: Christmas 2020 from Jerry’s office.