my beloved husband…

the father of our children, struggled to walk through the jungle for several miles on a badly injured leg, seeking treatment from the primitive, Khmer Rouge jungle clinic. Five days later, he died there, alone in death. One of my teen-aged sons risked his life to bring the devastating news to us. Forbidden to travel without “authorization”, and leaving my elderly mother and young daughter, I ran toward the jungle clinic through dark hours, My dear husband lay on the ground alone, his eyes open in death. Through muted sobs, I gently closed his eyes and rested my head on his chest. My husband and crippled mother died during the hellish three and a half years we spent in the jungles of Cambodia. To this day, I don’t know where their bodies rest. We were told that Khmer Rouge soldiers, many of them teenagers, threw the dead and wounded in jungle caves. When the caves filled with bodies, they closed the openings with soil and found another cave.

The rest of this compelling story will appear in my second book, Angels on the Battlefield: dramatic accounts of military heroes. Publishing of “Angels” is expected in February ’21.

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