Our daughter…

and her son Kaiden were feeding these beautiful sand cranes in the backyard of their Florida home while I was visiting. “Noah” (the male bird) and Allie (named after my mother) stop by for a snack pretty much every day.

We were able to see them take the food directly from our daughter’s hand a couple of times. Very trusting, these beautiful creatures teach us much by their habits. They “speak” in a friendly manner, saying “thank you” (in crane language) for the food and protest when our daughter is a couple of minutes late in showing up for feeding time. Sometimes they just fly by, stop in for a snack from the feeding tray and fly off.

Normally inseparable (since Sand Cranes mate for life), this time of year, they stop by individually. Therefore, it must be hatching time and one of them is near or sitting on the nest, protecting the little baby cranes who will “peck out” and show up soon. I imagine we may see Dad, mom, and kids a few times before babies select their mates and start the new lives together (for life)!

Kindness, caring for each other, and friendship for life are virtues the men and women combat veterans we write about, demonstrate for life!  Caring for each other is a must in the combat zone. Doing what it takes to bring every buddy home is a commitment that soldiers risk their lives to honor. We write about these and other virtues in our next book, Angels on the Battlefield. Book two publishes later this spring and has 30 terrific stories. See you in the next blog.  Author, Jerry Barnes


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Cover Image: Sand Cranes from pixabay. Above: Our daughter and her son feeding Noah and Allie.