Talk about a hero…

Patrick fits that description like a leather glove. After meeting his mother, at an author’s club one evening, she leaned over and calmly said:  “you may want to talk with my son Patrick. He served in Iraq, and has just returned home. Perhaps he will share some of his experiences with you”.


What young Patrick shared calmly with me, caused me to gasp a few times and just about took my breath away. Hopefully, Patrick shared with his mom, some of the breath-taking, horrible stuff he shared with me.

Typical of the young volunteers joining the Army these days, Patrick maintained his sense of self-deprecating humor, while unfolding graphic, breathtaking words I recorded.  His first story, “Pit of Hell’, contained in our first book, When Heaven Visits, describes seven horrific days, being fired on hourly by goons who well knew US forces needed “permission” to return fire. Well, let me stop right there.

Patrick’s second account was unimaginably nauseating. Patrick’s description of finding “The Torture Room” will shock the reader. Patrick’s ability to survive Pit of Hell and Torture Room, with a measure of sanity is unbelievable!

Today, Patrick, busy making custom knives and metalwork, sells his impressive line of products online. “My goal to own his own business is approached with the same determination which allowed him to survive the horrors of war in Iraq.

God Bless you, soldier brother!  I hope you make a million.  


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Cover Image: Patrick with Author, Jerry Barnes